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Classes / Schedule

Be part of the energy at GG Arabia!

Are you looking for an all out fist pumping, high kicking workout then we have got it, are you looking for a more relaxed calming balanced approach to well-being, then we have that too.

It’s all about choosing the right class for you, have a look below at our class descriptions and choose a class that suits what you’re looking for. You can always take advantage of our VIP guest pass and come along to try before you join us.

For Class Description


Zahra Branch (Male)

Fayha Branch (Male)

Zahra Branch (Female)

Fayha Branch Spinning ( Female )

Zahra Branch Aqua and Spinning (Female)

Fayha Branch (Female)

Tahlia Branch (Female)

Tahlia Branch Teenz (Female)

Tahlia Branch Aqua (Female)

Khalidya Elite Branch (Female)

Khalidya Elite Branch Pilates (Female)

Abha Spinning (Female)

Abha Branch (Female)